Designing the right
aesthetic for your brand
with personality and colour

“First impressions are lasting impressions”. You’ve heard it before, but have you considered that it applies to your customer’s relationship to your brand aesthetic? A brand’s identity can be conveyed through colour, tone, and personality. Depending on how your brand is presented, you can encourage different emotional responses through your design choices. This gives you a lot of potential to put your business in the right light to attract the right audience.

In this article, we are going to discuss the two essential ingredients to designing the perfect aesthetic for your brand; colour and personality.



If your brand was a person, how would you imagine their personality? Are they approachable, genuine, humorous? A brand’s personality represents the human element of a brand. Customers look for ways to relate to a company through personality. The purpose of creating a persona is to cater a brand’s personality to the target audience.


Five general categories of brand personalities has been developed by psychologist Jennifer Aaker. They are commonly referred to and have become a part of industry standard. Where does your brand fit?


Honest, pure, wholesome, pleasant. These brands represent caregiving, generosity and friendship. This makes them very trustworthy to customers. Brands that identify with sincerity: Coca cola, Campbells Soup, Hallmark.


Luxurious, charming, high-class. These brands represent the finer things that make customers feel classy and refined. Brands that identify with sophistication: Grey Goose, Apple, Mercedes.


Daring, visionary, fresh, unique. These brands represent all things cool, and often cater to a younger audience. Brands that identify with excitement: Tik Tok, Nike, MTV, Vice.


Hard working, strong, outdoorsy, high quality. The brands represent all things powerful. Hardware, automotive and sports brands tend to fit in the rugged category. Brands that identify with ruggedness: Harley Davidson, Levis, Jack Daniels.


Hard working, strong, outdoorsy, high quality. Of course, you would expect that all brands would fit the category of competence, but that’s not what it means to fully represent the personality of competence. The competent brand represent all things responsible and reliable. Brands that identify with competence: Microsoft, Volkswagen, TD Bank.


There is a sector of psychology called “colour psychology”, and it explores the effects that colours have on human experience and behaviour. It has been proven that colour has an influence on people’s decision making and perception. 90% of customer product judgements are based on colour alone (impact of color in marketing study, University of Winnipeg).

When deciding what colour scheme to use for your business design, remember that each colour holds a commonly perceived meaning. Consider which colours suit your branding’s characteristics.


  • Trust
  • Security
  • Peace


  • Energy
  • Passion
  • Urgency


  • Wealthy
  • Relaxing
  • Natural


  • Optimism
  • Youth
  • Clarity


  • Beauty
  • Soothing
  • Calming


  • Romantic
  • Feminine
  • Youthful


  • Friendly
  • Cheerful
  • Enthusiastic


  • Earthy
  • Simple
  • Dependable


  • Powerful
  • Sleek
  • Luxury


  • Pure
  • Practical
  • Innocent

Consider what colours align with the personality your brand carries. Choose 1-4 colours that you will use in your brand style guide.  One will be named the base colour. The base colour will be the one that reflects your brand personality’s strongest trait. All other colours are chosen based on how well they complement the base colour.

Try putting your base colour in the Adobe Colour Wheel to discover different colour harmonies with hues, tones and shades!

Where to use your brand colours

Once you have chosen your arrangement of brand colours that will work in a variety of combinations and different mediums, consider all of the places you can use your brand colours.

  • Staff uniforms
  • Business cards
  • Advertising
  • Social media content
  • Email
  • Website design
  • Logo
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Events

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