About Us

Monkey Business Solutions Group is a full-service.

marketing agency in London, Ontario, offering expertise and services that cohesively and strategically collaborate your online with your offline marketing needs.While services offered under the umbrella of Monkey Business Solutions Group are not unique in themselves, the combination – or the unifying of our services is! Consider us your one stop shop for all your marketing needs. Whether you need graphic design services, promotional products, web design, trade show items, or anything in between, Monkey Business is here to help. We love to deliver unique, out of the box ideas for our clients, and have the experience to make it happen. Providing clients with focused marketing initiatives that truly reflect a positive return on investment is what we do best.We are equipped with a diverse team of skilled and talented professionals, and we understand the importance of a strong brand image. We work with you and your business to help you develop your competitive advantage as you carve out, establish or invigorate your market share. To this end, Monkey Business Solutions Group supplies creative and professional output to serve as your one-stop marketing solutions provider while becoming a key partner in your business team. Let us help you navigate the marketing jungle!

About Monkey Business AJ the Monkey

Partnering with our clients in their business, instead of simply providing the service, and inspiring them to set and reach goals is just what we love to do! Check out the past work Monkey Business Solutions Group has completed for amazing clients just like you!

The Chief Monkey

Founded in 2008 by the Chief Monkey at Monkey Business Solutions Group, Donna brings with her about 20 years experience in the Fortune 500, Corporate, Educational and Non-Profit Sectors. Donna spent 15 years in the IT industry project managing corporate roll-outs and managing the day-to-day logistics of IT departments. Subsequently, in her role as Business Advisor at the London Small Business Centre, Donna had the privilege to work with entrepreneurs on all aspects of their business from marketing & business planning, branding & positioning, studying & analyzing the competitive environment, networking techniques, realistic & attainable goal setting, to developing an effective sales process while developing workshops to teach and provide tools to entrepreneurs to implement their business with success. In day-to-day work at Monkey Business, Donna uses this experience and skill set to help clients build a complete and well-rounded marketing and communications plan that takes in to account the aspects of the competitive environment most important to the business. As a Business Consultant and Coach, really listening to her clients and being able to “get it” is her strength. We work to understand the market landscape, who our clients really are, what they really do, where they are today and where they envision being tomorrow- and taking that insight to create strategic solutions that meet their objectives. This approach to really understanding the needs of the business creates a unique experience for each client, as we do not believe in the “one-size fits all” approach.

Meet AJ

Baptized as “AJ” he’s a soft, ticklish cute sort of guy with a mischievous bend and a cheerful laugh.

And… AJ stands for? Well, it’s the combination of the letters A and J.

A is for Awesome, that’s what we think AJ is, and of course for animal because that’s what he is.

J is for Jewel, because of his sparkling personality, J is also for AJ’s propensity for jumping throughout the jungles. Well,  in  this case, among all the low and high hanging branches making up the marketing jungle!

The meaning of AJ’s name (as per Google) is that he is powerful, complete, bold, independent, inquisitive, original and inventive. AJ is good intellectually and requires several outlets for his energies…um, this could be beneficial with many elements needed for an effective marketing mix.

When Monkey Business Solutions Group was born, it made sense to bring AJ into the company; Having fun in a marketing company is after all, totally appropriate! If you’d like to learn more about AJ, check his post out on the blog

Ok, so he’s stuffed, but he has his own wardrobe and even his own stocking at Christmas. And we have realized that there are some great advantages to having AJ over the real deal, live monkey such as:

Average Weight:

Monkey: 8.8-20 lbs.
AJ: Virtually nothing!


Monkey: At least $5,000
AJ: $40.00; + Clothing, Christmas, etc


Monkey: Plants, Meat
, Dirt
AJ: Imaginary Banana


Monkey: Up to 36
AJ: None…nothing to clean or floss


Monkey: Must clean naturally dirty cage regularly
AJ: None other than an occasional brushing to stimulate and dust out his furry coat


Monkey: Can be pretty grumpy, but can also be funny!
AJ: Always happy


Monkey: Yup.. that's what we do
AJ: Do they even make this to fling?


Monkey: Seriously?!
AJ: Oh yes! Love the boy's clothing section at the department store!