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Responsive Web Design

We offer a variety of solutions to meet your unique online requirements from an introductory splash page to complex informational websites.

For those that want control over modifying, adding and removing content, site development using CMS (a Content Management System) is a great investment. This front-end interface allows users, even with limited expertise, to easily keep their online presence fresh and current. It also eliminates or reduces back-end costs with site updates no longer needing the intervention of a Webmaster.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design incorporates your site design with the needs of mobile users by providing optimal viewing experiences. It reduces the need for resizing, panning, and scrolling on a range of devices such as cell phones and iPads.

Do you need to think about how your site behaves on mobile devices? According to Google:

  • 97% of Canadians use their mobile device at home
  • 79% don’t leave home without their mobile device
  • 83% use mobile while on the go

With more and more of your customer’s going mobile – are you traveling down the same road?

There are a number of tools to aid in increasing your web traffic that include:

Quality User Experience

Search Engine Optimization

Updated website content

Content Development & SEO

There are many ways to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A website may appear to be working, but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that could be negatively affecting your SEO. At Monkey Business, we follow technical SEO conventions when developing website content in order to favor the Google Page Experience algorithm.
Content is king, but there is no content without keywords. Through targeted keyword research relevant to your industry, the chimps at Monkey Business can help you build your keyword list, and then develop rich content that will maximize on your keywords.
Search Engine Optimization SEO - London Ontario
What is the Google Page Experience algorithm?

Google looks for well-developed websites and content that incorporates your keywords and uses this to determine your ranking in organic searches. This is a crucial element in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.
Our SEO Packages may include some of the following depending on your needs:

Link building campaigns

Improve Page Loading Speed

Back-end webpage optimization

Responsive Web Design (Mobile Friendly)

SEO Audit Reports

High-Quality Content Creation


Your site is an asset to your business and in many cases, a major investment. While we know that some have the technical savvy and prefer to manage and maintain their websites independently, many also prefer to work with us – a natural extension to our business partnership. In light of that, we folks over at Monkey Business have created custom Support & Maintenance packages designed to meet your specific needs.

Maintenance packages may include:

Website Maintenance - London Ontario Monkey Business

Site Content Updates

Regular Site File Backups

Consultation and Training

Disaster Recovery

Minor Coding Changes

Malware Monitoring and protection

Domain Registration, Hosting and Email

At Monkey Business we take care of everything from beginning to end so you don’t have to. Our services to get you online and working

Domain Registration

Selecting your domain name is a key element in your branding strategy. Monkey Business can help you with that! We can register your domain for you so that it lives where your site lives.

Email  Accounts

Create a professional image with up to 2,500 POP3 accounts attached to your business account with auto forwarding or browser-based email. (i.e. Info@customcarpentry.com)

Website Hosting

Sites are hosted on up-to-date, high quality server systems to help you make the most of your site. With state-of-the-art Dell servers, you’ll experience powerful, fast execution speed and processing. Your Control Panel is loaded with features to manage your mail and settings, edit your site, Google Webmaster Tools, a Graphical Web Statistic Program and more.

AJ - domain management

Client testimonials

Donna is not only my graphic designer and web site host, she has helped me to brand my business. She has created my business cards, pamphlets, banner and due to her background experience, she has been a fantastic business consultant.! Thank you so much Donna for being on my team!
Dani Sweet
Donna's passion is working with people and helping their businesses to flourish. She listens to her clients to understand the market landscape and she loves to partner with clients as she takes great pride in her work. Donna's integrity, genuine care and knowledge of business made working with Donna a great experience.
Elise Green
Themeforest Customer