Marketing Solutions

Strategized marketing and communication

As a full service marketing agency that specializes in business coaching and consulting, we also provide the creative means to communicate your message. Through branches that span your online and offline marketing initiatives such as graphic design, branding, copy writing, project execution and public relations coordination through the development of a strategic marketing and communication plan, and all under one tree!
We start with an evaluation of your current online and offline marketing programs. We take a look at your branding and your digital presence to see if it is generating new clients and maintaining existing clients. After, we research the marketscape to gain a solid understanding of the marketplace, the demographics, your products and services. This is the platform from which strong results driven marketing and communication plans are built.
We have the tools in place to:
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  • Understand who your customers are through Market, Customer, Demographic and Target Market Analysis

  • Discover what products, services or ideas your customers want by conducting research such as your FAB analysis (Features-Advantages-Benefits)

  • Position your business against and with your competition by understand the SWOT analysis both internally and externally

  • Incorporate the 4 P’s of Marketing to appropriately place and price your products/services and to formulate an appropriate promotional strategy

Client testimonials

Donna is not only my graphic designer and web site host, she has helped me to brand my business. She has created my business cards, pamphlets, banner and due to her background experience, she has been a fantastic business consultant! Thank you so much Donna for being on my team!
Dani Sweet
Donna's passion is working with people and helping their businesses to flourish. She listens to her clients to understand the market landscape and she loves to partner with clients as she takes great pride in her work. Donna's integrity, genuine care and knowledge of business made working with Donna a great experience.
Elise Green
Themeforest Customer