Trade Show Item

Wait! Did your booth attract the attention it deserves?
Are people clustering to your booth for a second look?

When attending a trade show, how are you standing out from your competition?
What’s your strategy?

We Chimps can help! Carrying your branding onto the floor, we creatively design the graphics and the hype to have folks lining up. Developing a theme that stimulates, leaves an impression but never confuses your target market is what we do.

As part of your marketing mix, Trade Show or Portable marketing could be a key element in your plan, and as such it’s important to set measurable objectives so that results can be evaluated.

Remember, Trade Show marketing doesn’t end at the show; we can help you create compelling contests or draws to help with that while simultaneously building your lists for future email or text marketing.

But we do more than that! From concept, to design, we print and apply your artwork and supply all the gear you will need to be the best you can be at any size or variety of trade show. Products such as retractable banners, shark (wind) flags, lighting, display racks, table covers or runners, complete modular trade show booths, tents and more!

And to make it real easy, we also supply print material, promotional products & apparel – all from beneath the same tree.