Tips for designing business cards

Even as we live in a digital age, business cards are still essential for real-world networking scenarios. Before you send your business card design off to print, consider these following tips to ensure they will look their best!

Keep it simple

Keeping your business card design simple will help you stand out. Remember to use your brand colours and typography, and make sure to maintain a minimum size of typography that is legible. Consider drawing focus to the company name with large font size and bolding.

Include only the most important and memorable information:

  • company name
  • your name
  • job title
  • contact information (social media, website, phone number)


Use your space wisely

Don’t feel the need to fill all empty space on your business card. Less is more when it comes to designing business cards. By favoring simplicity and minimalism, your business card will stand out as professional and easy on the eyes. Also consider using the reverse side of a card to optimize your space, like using it for appointment reminders, QR codes, loyalty stamps, or a catchy slogan.

Use templates

You can always design your business cards from scratch, but if you want to save time and get some ideas for design, starting with a template can help get your creative juices flowing. There are free templates available on the web that can help you can started. Your cards details don’t have to be horizontal. You can get creative with your alignment by designing for a horizontal print, vertical print, or even a square print.

Use Special Finishes

When sending your business cards off to print, be sure your colours are in CMYK and exported in 300dpi for highest quality print. Monkey Business Print Services offers many ways to enhance and preserve your print project just by choosing the right coating and special finishes. Let us guide you through the printing and coating processes. Check out our blog post on special finishes to learn more!

Monkey Business Solutions Group offers print and graphic design services.

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AJ Monkey Masket

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