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As a full service marketing agency that specializes with business coaching and consulting, working with new and existing businesses as well as non-profit organizations, we understand how to get to know you and your business to provide the guidance and market research to effectively reach your target audience. In conjunction, we provide the creative means to communicate your message through branches that span your online and offline marketing initiatives such as graphic design, branding, copywriting, project execution and public relations coordination as determined through the development of a strategic marketing and communication plan, and all under one tree! A marketing and communication plan is structured so that it aligns your business and sales goals with your target market. Based on your market-scape, your plan will itemize your communication and promotional objectives. A strong marketing and communication plan is a significant tool for any business as it helps you to really define and prioritize your goals and objectives, allowing you to plan ahead. We start with an evaluation of your current online and offline marketing programs, we take a look at your branding and also your website to see if it is generating new clients and maintaining existing clients. After, we research the market-scape to gain a solid understanding of the marketplace, the demographics, your products and services. This is the platform from which good, strong results driven marketing and communication plans are built.

We have the tools in place to:

Understand who your customers are through Market, Customer, Demographic and Psychographic Target Market Analysis

Discover what products, services or ideas your customers want by conducting research such as your FAB Analysis (Features-Advantages-Benefits)

Position your business against and with your competition by understanding the SWOT Analysis both internally and externally

Incorporate the 4 P’s of Marketing to appropriately place and price your products/services and to formulate an appropriate promotional strategy that take into account all of the above elements.

This research also provides valuable insight into external factors that might open opportunities that you wouldn’t have otherwise known about! We tie all this together by developing a focused and strategic marketing and communication plan that collaborates online and offline elements within your budget, specifying your goals, implementation schedules, costs and anticipated ROI that will have you stand out from your competitors and build relationships with your clients!

Whether you are a new business starting out, or in the midst of choosing your business name or rebranding, we can help put together a branding strategy that works by offering:


Branding Plans

Business Naming


Marketing Materials

Content Development & SEO

Monkey Business is about business, but most importantly we are about people! We work with entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit entities and marketing departments to build robust brands that build good businesses with a strong presence.

Branding plays a significant role in your overall marketing strategy. Your brand is your promise to your client, it tells them what they can expect from your products and services and is derived from who you are, and who people perceive you to be.

Your brand is the perception of confidence it inspires when potential or existing clients encounter you. Your business name is the lead-in to your branding strategy, it’s the first thing clients see and it is what your business is built from.

Our comprehensive branding consultative services start from the ground up. We work with you to develop a brand that captures the substance of your business starting with your value proposition, to your mission statement, tagline and logo, with clear brand objectives to enable you to carry them through.

Your brand strategy is the what, where, when, how and to whom you plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages to. Where you advertise and your distribution channels are part of your strategy. Your brand includes the name of your product or service lines, your logo, your colours, your website, packaging and promotional materials, and your tagline. Your visual and verbal communication is also part of your brand strategy, it’s about customer service and the first 8 second impression your client perceive on and offline.

Branding is planning – It is bringing all the elements together, making your unique brand work for you!

Canada Post Mailings

Monkey Business will work with you to design and print a unique and impactful mailer (postcard, flyer, newsletter, etc) with a compelling call to action message that will reach your target market directly. With the right messaging, the potential for your return on investment is immeasurable. Results of your mailing campaign are easily measurable with the monitoring of customer response metrics. We will work with you to Target your message to your audience (businesses or residences) and then match them with the Canada Post FSA Codes. Monkey Business is a one stop for all of your direct mail advertising and marketing needs. We help you sell more, increase your revenues while attracting customers, and to make wise marketing decisions that will reflect a great return on your investment.

Take advantage of Canada Post’s 10% Seasonality Discounted Postage Rates in June, July, August and December, January & February for Unaddressed Admail™ Should you go with Unaddressed or Addressed Mail? Unaddressed Ad mail is a distribution by Canada Post of flyers, post cards, coupons, brochures, magazines, seeded paper and the like based on geographic, demographic and/or life-style information. Unaddressed Ad mail helps you target customers that are most likely to respond to your message. It provides less waste, more focus and better results! Across the country or just down the street, unaddressed Ad mail can gives you the best value for your advertising dollars. Because your mail is delivered with the “regular mail”, your advertising is more likely to be seen and read. Best of all, with Unaddressed Ad mail you can reach your target customers on weekdays, avoiding the usually heavy weekend clutter and helping you get maximum impact and return on your advertising dollars. Unaddressed Ad mail is an effective direct marketing tool that allows you to reach your potential best customers without an expensive mailing list.

Addressed Ad mail enables you to promote your products and services to your best customers and prospects on a targeted and personalized basis. You can use your own customer list or another database. Monkey Business can aid in acquiring an appropriate data base.

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