5 Marketing “Don’ts” to Stop Doing in 2018

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While you may see many lists floating around the web with things you “must do” to make your business successful, it can sometimes be easier to know what you should stay away from or in some cases, stop doing, in order to become more successful.

1. Send Mixed Marketing Messages
Nothing is worse then being told several different things by your boss, or even your partner, so you can imagine what it is like to be a customer who receives mixed messages! Making consistent messaging is something very important to your overall marketing strategy. A confused customer is not likely to spend money at your business as they may not know exactly what they are getting into! For example, you may be telling your product or service’s unique selling proposition is quality on your site, but your YouTube ad focuses on the low price, your customer may find themselves wondering what you can really offer them.

2. Forget to tell your customer where to go next
‘Call to Action’ buttons are becoming more popular on social media, where they direct a customer to ‘like’, ‘share’, ‘shop now’ or ‘visit our website’. They help guide your customer where to go next. Customers like to be told where to go or what to do next, and your business needs leads to turn into conversions, which is the best way to boost visits to your site and sales in your business. Think of it as guiding your customer to the front doors of your business, except digitally!

3. Forget to fine-tune your audience
Something every business initially, or even periodically does, is assess their target market. Most businesses have an idea of who is most likely to but their product, however they need to spend time focusing that target market by creating an ideal client profile. This gives a more distinct picture of who you are selling to. For example, many businesses say they would like to market their product or service to millennials, however college-aged millennials and millennials in their early 30s are very different groups of people. This distinction is key in making the proper marketing decisions.

4. Be like everyone else
Boring content is not going to get you very far in terms of gaining lead conversions, and neither will boring promotional products! If you have a blog or even a social media account where you post content, you need to make sure it is unique. This also goes for promotional products you may be using in your business. Business cards, brochures and booklets (more about why you need those here) need to be interesting and stand out to potential and even current customers in order to make an impact. Sometimes this means taking risks, or picking a promotional product a little out of the ordinary, like these socks from C-Shop. No matter what kind of marketing you are doing, we can always help you think outside the box if you don’t know what can help you stand out!

5. Think communication is outward only
In any conversation you have with almost any person out there requires two people to participate! So why would you put out Tweets, Posts and Blogs to your audience if you aren’t willing to listen? All businesses need to understand the value in communicating well in their marketing materials, but also taking the time to hear your customers’ reviews, questions, concerns and feedback. After all, we are always trying to understand what the customer wants and needs, so why not let them tell you exactly what those wants and needs are!

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